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Executive Board Elections

Hello HPFC Families,

Before the start of every new soccer season, we hold elections for the HPFC Executive Board positions that have completed their two-year volunteer cycle. Current Board members may run for an additional term and new applications are warmly welcomed. An Election Committee will vet all candidates prior to hosting the general election. Junior Board is elected by the Executive board and the membership will elect the Executive board.

Being part of this parent volunteer board is an exciting and fulfilling experience. Our Board members work together with passion and dedication for the continued betterment of our player and family experience. Elected Executive Board members receive a $1,800.00 annual tuition discount and the Junior Board, $520.00. As a Board member, you will participate in a monthly in-person board meeting and a weekly conference call check-in. We seek individuals who work well in a team environment, can dedicate the appropriate time to their assigned projects, can advocate and connect with all player age groups, and share a passion for soccer and our community.

For the 2022/23 season, we have 2 Executive Board positions up for election: VP of Administration and Secretary. 

Below is a description of each position.

Vice President of Administration 

The Vice President of Administration shall assist the President in all business of the Club, become the Acting President during any absence of the President, and succeed to the Presidency if that office becomes vacant mid-term for any reason. The Vice President of Administration oversees daily operations of the Club, brochures, public relations media, manuals, and is responsible for all Club property and facilities whether owned, leased or rented.  The responsibilities of the Vice President of Administration shall include, but not be limited to the following: 1) Perform duties of the President in his/her absence, inability or refusal to act. 2) Oversees revisions of By-Laws and Operating Procedures. 3) Oversees web page construction and maintenance. 4) Public Relations Media (i.e. Newspaper liaison, Highline Premier FC name usage approval, Sponsorship Approval). 5) Repository for manuals and other written materials 6) Sign orders on the Treasury, and other tasks as deemed necessary. 


The Secretary shall issue notices of meetings as required herein, shall keep official minutes of all duly called meetings, and shall periodically report same to the Board of Directors. He/she shall also make such other reports and perform other such duties as may be incidental to the office or as may be properly required by the Board of Directors. The responsibilities of the Secretary shall include, but not be limited to the following: 1) Custodian of all Club correspondence, 2) Record, prepare, publish, and distribute minutes in a timely manner for all meetings, 3) Provide proper notice of all meetings to required attendees, 4) Be responsible for publicizing all teams and Club participant activities, 5) Promote the affairs and activities of the Club, 6) Act as Club liaison with Highline Soccer Association.  Attend HSA board meetings and functions as the Highline Premier FC representative. 

Candidate Statements will be placed on the Highline Premier FC website.  Please look for the latest information about the election at

Voting will begin March 24, 2022 and conclude the afternoon of the Highline Premier FC Annual General Meeting (AGM) on April 7, 2022 at noon.  Election results will be announced during the AGM.


The HPFC Board

2022/23 Executive Board Elections: Canidate Statements

Secretary:  Katie Newhall

I am interested in running for the Secretary position on the HPFC Executive Board.  My son, Dillon, has played for HPFC since 2017, and while we have volunteered at the team level, I'd like to give back more to the club. 

I have previously served on a nonprofit executive board, Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, for 3 years, and have received executive board training while working at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  I understand how boards function, and am very organized, which qualifies me for the Secretary position on the HPFC Executive Board.

Please consider me for this position.  HPFC is an amazing club with a fantastic, supportive community, and I would like to be more involved.

VP of Administration:  Chris Casillas

Hello, my name is Chris, and I am asking for your support as I throw my name into the hat for VP of Administration here at HPFC. I have been involved with HPFC for approximately the past four years, first as the team manager for my daughter’s G09 team with Coach Jake, and now as the team manager for my son’s B11 team with Coach James. Since that time I have learned a lot about HPFC and premier soccer in our region, and I hope to bring that experience, and a few new ideas, to the VP of Administration role. 

 I was born and raised in Lake Forest Park (just north of Seattle), and I began my soccer career at the ripe old age of 5 as a member of the Shorelake Soccer Club “Mudmakers.” I eventually went on to captain the Emerald City FC “Fusion,” and I also played a lot of soccer regionally with the U.S. Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program representing the West region for a number of years. I have continued to play soccer throughout my life, although at this point everything kind of hurts so I’ve “retired” to the over-40 leagues where I continue to enjoy playing once (or twice) a week and recovering the rest of the week. 

I began my professional career as an attorney in a small labor law firm here in Seattle, where I practiced for a few years before going to graduate school at Cornell University to study political science. After several wonderful years in New York and earning my degrees, I returned to private practice and managed a labor law firm back here in Seattle. Four years ago I transitioned to working for the State labor board (known as PERC) as an administrative law judge and mediator. I am also a member of the adjunct faculty at both the University of Washington and Seattle University law schools where I teach a variety of courses each year, including labor law and negotiations. 

Looking back, playing competitive soccer in my youth was one of the most invaluable contributions to the remainder of my life. In soccer you experience everything that life has to throw at you, from the collective thrill of advancing to the national championships to the loneliness of missing the final PK to advance your team to the State championship game (both of which happened to me). When I face obstacles or adversity in life, I often think back to those games where we had to overcome a 2-nil halftime deficit to stay in the regional tournament or having to get back on the pitch my senior year after a teammate passed away. As hard as those moments were at the time, they’ve always kept me moving forward in the future. HPFC is a great club, and it helps to provide all these invaluable experiences for our kids as well. I hope I can earn your support and help contribute to the club’s, and our children’s, future success.

Board of Directors

Executive Board

President: Sue Bialous, [email protected]

Vice President Administration: Sheri Stephens, [email protected]

Vice President Competition: Colleen Harker, [email protected]

Secretary: Jen Dickson, [email protected]

 Joan Krussel, [email protected]

Junior Board

Website & Communications: TBD, [email protected]

Tryouts: TBD, [email protected]

Uniforms: Anne Temme, [email protected]

Marketing: Julia Christman [email protected]

Manager Liaison: Colleen Harker, [email protected]

Community Service: Aretha Ayers, [email protected]

Events Coordinator: TBD

Auction Coordinator: Andrew Steen, [email protected]

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Highline Premier Football Club

126 SW 148th Street, Suite C100 - Box 187
Burien, Washington 98166

Phone: 206-825-0313
Email: [email protected]

Highline Premier Football Club

126 SW 148th Street, Suite C100 - Box 187
Burien, Washington 98166

Phone: 206-825-0313
Email: [email protected]
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